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[1THING] Blog: Archive for the ‘Colorado Green Environment News’ Category

[ Microbes spurn carbon meals of limited energy value ]

News Brief

May 04, 2017


[ Pollution particles spur more mountain snow ]

News Brief

April 21, 2017


[ From moo to goo: Cooperating microbes convert methane to alternative fuel source ]

April 11, 2017


[ News Brief: ACS Geochemistry Medal Symposium recognizes rock weathering researcher ]

April 04, 2017


[ News Brief: Chemists tackling carbon challenges at next week’s American Chemical Society meeting ]

March 31, 2017


[ News Brief: STORMVEX delivers cloud data for scientists worldwide ]

March 24, 2017


[ Many muons: Imaging the underground with help from the cosmos ]

December 14, 2016


[ Carbon dioxide tucked into basalt converts to rock ]

Transformation happens quickly, study shows

November 18, 2016


[ When the going gets tough, the tough get growing ]

Fast-growth cyanobacteria have allure for biofuel, chemical production

July 28, 2016


[ Trees Matter ]


Can you imagine a world without trees? What about Colorado without trees? Crazy idea, right? Trees are essential to the planet and to our state. Trees do a lot more than just look nice and provide shade!
Trees remove pollution which improves air quality.
They reduce soil erosion.
One large tree can provide a day’s supply of oxygen to 4 people!
More than 20% of the world’s oxygen is produced in the Amazon Rainforest!
Many common day medicines are made from plants from forests and rainforests.
Forest watersheds help filter drinking water.
Trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen back into the air.
Trees and forests provide important habitat for wildlife.
Trees cool streets and the city. When planted around your house they can reduce cooling and heating bills and conserve energy.
Trees can help provide food in a tiny lot (food for humans and wildlife!)
Trees mark the seasons!
Trees can generate jobs and give raw materials for paper, books, firewood, building materials etc. Renewable and recyclable!
Trees can increase property values and a tree lined street can help bring more business in.
How to care for your trees?
Carefully select the tree you want to plant (Selecting Trees) and then follow a few planting tips. Roots need room to develop so make sure the soil is loosened and the hole is big enough for the root ball (usually 3x as big as the root ball!).
Keep in mind things like underground utilities or overhead wires when planting. More tips are available at your local extension office or here: 10 Commandments of Tree Planting or Plant a Tree Step by Step.
Until a newly planted tree is established, it will need daily care until the roots grow, usually requiring care for one full season.
Regular watering is essential for establishment. The root ball can dry out in one day so frequent, lighter watering is better than once or twice a week heavy watering (even for drought tolerant plants). Newly planted trees put a lot of energy into growing roots, so be sure and keep them hydrated.
Fertilizing is usually not needed until a tree is established.
Prune only dead or broken branches until established.
Care of Newly Planted Trees
Why Trees Matter

It’s a perfect time to plant a tree! Trees matter, so plant (hug!) one today!