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[ Better Block Jefferson Park ]


Denver urban neighborhoods are full of hidden gems. Once vibrant places have rich history of streetcars, local commerce and community activities. But many of those places have lost their splendor in the last half century when attention shifted to more car-oriented shopping and dining developments. Better Block is a project designed to rediscover hidden potential of neighborhood commercial districts.

A coalition of local non-profits, volunteers, businesses and civic leaders are joining forces in an effort to restore vibrancy to one Denver community starting with the transformation of one city block. The project is called “Better Block Jefferson Park” and is modeled after the Better Block initiative started in Dallas two years ago.

“Better Block Jefferson Park” is a joint collaboration of WalkDenver, JPUN (Jefferson Park United Neighbors),Groundwork Denver, Federal Boulevard Partnership, Create Denver , LiveWell Colorado, and many local businesses and residents.

The project aims to create temporary, quick, inexpensive and high-impact changes that start to cast a vision and lead to permanent solutions for attracting economic development and revitalizing neighborhoods throughout Denver. For one day a historic block in the Denver Highlands neighborhood of Jefferson Park, will be sprinkled with inviting shade trees, flowers and pedestrian benches. Boarded up, forgotten storefronts will be transformed into unique pop-up shops showcasing local artists creating a new dynamic street life that rewards the pedestrian stroll.

On June 23rd from 10AM to 8PM, West 25th Avenue between Federal Boulevard and Eliot Street will be transformed into a vibrant “Living Street”. Living Street is a holistic approach to street design and a new Denver initiative that looks at streets as public spaces, not just traffic corridors. As former Denver Planning Director Peter Park said “We’re changing the conversation from talking about roads for vehicles or cars to making streets for living.”
During the event, 25th Avenue will receive a temporary makeover starting with a mural painting at the intersection of 25th and Eliot. This will serve as a visual reminder of the street as a shared space among cars and pedestrians as well as an indicator to drivers to slow down and expect pedestrians on this neighborhood street.

There will be official remarks from 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM from Mayor Michael B. Hancock, Councilwoman Susan K. Shepard and Paul Washington of the Office of Economic Development.

With live music, crafts, fresh produce, an interactive art project and free bike valet parking, the demonstration could easily be mistaken for a street festival however, attendees will realize it’s much more than that. It’s about a community reclaiming our streets.
The event is free and open to the public. Neighbors, Realtors, city officials, planners, economic development professionals, artists and anyone interested in seeing how a block and a community can be transformed are encouraged to attend. How will you make a difference in your community?

Better Block Jefferson Park is a coalition of local non-profit organizations and other professionals. For more information, visit our website http://betterblockjp.org or our Facebook page  or Facebook event page.

For More Information:

Gosia Kung


[ If We Updated Our Green-consciousness As Quickly As We Do Our Cell Phones ]

I’m walking into work. My stainless-steel coffee capsule is drained. There is a broken branch with clutching dead leaves that looks out of place in a manicured city planter. I rescue it from mummification by plastic bag. A local coffee-shop entrepreneur stops me observing my travel-mug and offers me a coupon. He is visibly confused that instead of a half priced coffee and muffin I’m snapping off pieces of the my tumbler with the pieces of the clipped sienna foliage into my tumbler.

On the elevator a painter is envious because his coffee break is over and he has to go back to work. I glide past the reception desk and blatantly toast to a “good morning.” No one suspects what is really going on. At my desk I wait until my colleague leaves the room and then draw out a plastic bulk coffee container and quickly dump my litter into a moist mound of duffy muck. Welcome to my secret world of guerilla ecology.

Perhaps it’s obvious that I’m new to the office, hiding my stash of compost and all. However, it’s not as though my associates are not progressive thinkers, at least compared to the average Denverite. They recycle the basics (more or less), beverage containers and paper. But when it comes to compost (a natural next step), the staff is curiously oblivious. I was heartbroken to witness beautiful rich chocolate colored used coffee grounds being disrespectfully dumped in the regular garbage. For shame! I had to do something. Conveniently there was a used coffee container from the cheap office brand that the job kicks in for. The used grounds are actually more valuable than the brewed crud but free coffee can be stomached by the worst snob. Occasionally coworkers catch a glimpse of my desktop composter and a couple of observant ones are in the know. Still, it feels a little silly sneaking around composting at work.

The trend of green lifestyle changes has been steadily redirecting large percentages of household waste from landfills to recycle transfer stations and garden composters. It is now even hip to outfit the burbs with micro chicken coops. I wonder though, when the corporate sector is really going to get it. The amount of garbage and compostable refuse that is continuing to go out in the regular trash is simply unacceptable. If we updated our green-consciousness as quickly as we do our cell phones and computers, every business would have a plan for eco-friendly waste management as efficient and easy to follow as an emergency exit map. It is time that if we cannot expect that our leaders, superiors, and peers make the most rudimentary shifts toward planet preservation then we must take action and lead by example. Full time jobs absorb huge tracks of our lives, and the values that make it good to recycle at home don’t stop when we head out on our commute. Responsible stewardship on all levels, energy reduction, good nutrition, reduce, reuse and recycle . . . even at work, and even if it is a covert operation.


[ LOHAS Impact Investing Collaboratory produced by HUB Boulder ]

Tuesday June 12, 2012
9:30 AM – 5:30 PM

Rembrandt Yard
1301 Spruce Street
Boulder, CO 80302

For the second year, the LOHAS Forum co-hosts the Impact Investing Collaboratory. This event takes the idea of a venture fair, and turns it inside out, flattening the hierarchy, and creating a mutual learning session for all participants. Will some ventures meet some investors? You bet. But more importantly, we all get to understand the field, the practice and the paradox of impact investing much better, as we all learn from one another.

What is it?

A day-long conference that provides a unique venue to learn about impact investing from the people who are actually raising and making investments, in the LOHAS field, in Colorado, and around the country.

Who should attend?

  • Experienced impact investors who want to share their experiences, learn best practices and find syndication partners.
  • Prospective investors who want to learn about the basics of how to make impact investments, including diligence and deal structure.
  • Impact entrepreneurs who want to better understand the impact capital fundraising process.
  • Experts and professionals with a curiosity to understand this quickly emerging market.

What will happen?

Participants will meet, learn, inquire, share, connect and expand their understanding. The format is highly interactive and intimate, because everyone teaches and learns. You won’t find a more informative, useful and honest exchange of ideas and experiences at another event. The spirit of the Boulder community shines through this event, where partners and competitors alike put aside their own narrow business concerns to authentically

For more information about speakers and sessions and to register go to:

It's great to rsvp at meetup.com, but in order to attend you must register and pay at the LOHAS site.

Jed Emerson Talk with HUB Boulder

Tuesday June 19, 2012

5:30 PM – 7:30 PM

Rally Software Auditorium
3333 Walnut Street
Boulder, CO 80301

Jed Emerson returns to Boulder but this time as a featured guest of HUB Boulder. Join us for a talk with one of the most interesting, knowledgeable and outspoken veterans of impact investing and social enterprise.
Jed Emerson has more accolades, honorary posts, teaching fellowships and speaking gigs than just all but a tiny handful in this emerging sector. He’s the creator of the notion of Blended Value (which resolves many rational concerns about the metrics and management side of “triple bottom line,” co-author of a book titled, simply, Impact Investing (which provides a rational case for the practice), and currently works on projects spanning three continents.

Light snacks and refreshments will be served.

Reserved your spot now at http://jedemersonathubboulder.eventbrite.com/

RSVP'ing at meetup.com is great, but don't forget to get your ticket through eventbrite.

The event is free to HUB members (email emily [at] hubboulder [dot] com if you don't have the access code) and $10 for general admission.


[ Top 10 Reasons to Build or Buy an Energy-Efficient Home ]

Saving the environment is one thing, but did you know you can also save money by converting to an energy-efficient home? Read our top 10 reasons to go green.

By buying or building an energy- efficient home, you can reap scores of benefits. And most of them–are you paying attention?–have to do with saving you money. Generally speaking, switching to energy efficiency can save you thousands of dollars every single year.

But there are many other reasons to choose one of these progressive homes aside from money. Take a look below for the top ten reasons to buy or build an energy-efficient house.

  1. Energy Efficiency | The Environment – The number one reason, of course, to build or buy an energy-efficient home is the preservation of our natural world. It has been estimated that no less than 16% of greenhouse gases come from houses–a number that can be drastically reduced through the creation of more energy-efficient homes.
  2. Energy Efficiency | Tax Credits – No one likes spending a lot of money. But did you know that there’s a tax credit available for people who live in energy-efficient homes? You can save the environment and your money at the same time!
  3. Energy Efficiency  | Resale Value – These days, energy efficiency is what every new home buyer is looking for. By upgrading the design of your house, you can raise its value and be sure you’ll get a lot more back when, or if, you decide to sell.
  4. Energy Efficiency  | Low Ownership Cost – Speaking in general, it costs much less to maintain an energy-efficient home than an older, more environmentally-abusive one. If you like to save money wherever you can, think about making the investment in energy efficiency.
  5. Energy Efficiency | Low Building Cost – Construction of energy-efficient homes is much less costly than the building of other structures. Materials are cheaper, plans are more simple, and fewer construction experts are required. Building with energy efficiency in mind is a great way to save money up front.
  6. Energy Efficiency | Low Utility Cost – Heating, cooling, electricity, gas, and water–every one of these utilities can have their monthly bills reduced by upgrading your abode to an energy-efficient design. This can potentially save you thousands of dollars every year.
  7. Energy Efficiency | Less Maintenance – Energy-efficient homes require much less upkeep than older structures. This means you won’t have to call in the handyman, the plumber, or the electrician nearly as often as you would otherwise, thus saving yourself a good deal of money.
  8. Energy Efficiency | Mortgage Incentives – Some banks offer incentives on their mortgage rates for people who live in energy-efficient homes. This is just one of the many, many ways in which you can grow your savings by living in a more efficient home.
  9. Energy Efficiency | Comfort – None of us are big fans of cold breezes, hot rooms, and encroaching moisture. Well, with an energy-efficient house, you can dismiss those things as pests of the past. These houses are simply far more comfortable than their predecessors.
  10. Energy Efficiency | Peaceful – Aside from errant breezes and hot spots, an energy-efficient home also helps prevent those “settling” noises houses usually make. Creaks, groans, shrieks, and squeals may end up being things of the past with the introduction of energy efficiency…unless, of course, your house is haunted.

Are you interested in finding an energy efficient home in the Denver/Boulder area? As a Denver/Boulder area real estate agent, I can answer all of your questions. Contact me today.

Brian MacMillan
Denver & Boulder Real Estate Agent
Phone: 720-938-4350
Email: BrianMacMillan@Mac.com


[ Vince Curran on MileHiRadio.com on Monday at 3PM ]

 Vince Curran is looking forward to being on the Brad Martin Show – Unsung Heroes on MileHiRadio.com on Monday at 3:00. Tune in at http://www.milehiradio.com.

Show Host: Brad Martin
Showtimes: Mon 3:00 p.m. MT
Listen Live: http://www.milehiradio.com
Twitter: @MileHiRadio
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/milehiradio

This show is an exploration of all of the people who remain behind the scenes for all of the good work that goes on around us and never get the recognition that they so richly deserve. Join Brad Martin as he introduces you to some incredible people and the deeds that they continue to do!

Click here for advertising information for the Brad Martin Show.



[ Denver Green Expo – Saturday, May 19, 2012 ]

Save $2 Off an Adult Ticket! Click here to get Tickets!

Visit our website for more information at www.DenverGreenExpo.com

Whether you already live a "green" lifestyle or are interested in how you can positively impact the environment – the Denver Green Expo is the place to explore.

Come open minded and learn about environmentally friendly alternatives for use in your everyday living.

Green is becoming mainstream for now and in the future.

Come to the Denver Green Expo and learn how you can integrate eco-friendly products and services into your own lifestyle.

Some Of What Is Planned:

  • Informative Stage Presentations
  • Get Show Only Specials & Coupons
  • Meet With Vendors Who Can Help You Build A Greener Lifestyle
  • Energy saving – Solar power, Radiant floor heating, Geothermal
  • Alternative Energy & Fuel Info
  • Green Building & Remodeling
  • Sustainable Health & Wellness
  • Healthy Food
  • Alternative Transportation Resources & Green Car Options
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Green careers
  • Natural Gardening
  • Water Ecology
  • Sustainable Living
  • Responsible Investments
  • Conservation, Recycling & Re-purposed
  • Self-Sufficient Independent and Self Reliant Products & Services
  • Community Farming, Co-ops and Organic Foods

[ Ecotech Institute Increases Veterans’ Resources, Including Partnership with Veterans Green Jobs ]

With Veteran Population on the Rise, Ecotech Seeks to Understand the Educational and Emotional Needs of Military Students

Ecotech Institute, the first and only college entirely focused on  renewable energy and sustainability, today announced that it has formed a relationship with Colorado-based Veterans Green Jobs, whose mission is to engage, transition and connect military veterans with meaningful employment opportunities. About 15 percent of Ecotech’s current student population is made up of military veterans.

Together, Ecotech and Veterans Green Jobs will focus on encouraging and enhancing opportunities for military veterans by promoting career opportunities in the green jobs sector, both in Colorado and nationally.

“Our military population has already been through so much and we want to make sure we’re providing the support they need to excel in school and go on to have productive careers,” said Michael Seifert, president of Ecotech Institute. “Veterans Green Jobs has a similar focus, believing that the right jobs can make all the difference in helping our military veterans enjoy a successful life after service.”

As part of its commitment to military students, Ecotech recently hosted a seminar on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), taught by the Denver Department of Veterans Affairs. Ecotech administration, program directors and instructors attended the session to better understand what many student veterans are going through. According to “Help my PTSD,” one in every five military personnel returning from Iraq and Afghanistan has PTSD and in the past year the number of diagnosed cases in the military has jumped 50 percent.

At Ecotech, 67 students are either military veterans or currently serving in the military.  Of those, three will graduate on June 21, 2012.  One of those students is Monica Soto, who will graduate in June with a degree in Wind Energy Technology. Monica spent more than eight years in the Navy as an aircraft mechanic, but after 9/11 she left the Navy to be closer to her son and build a career where she could raise him in one place. After trying some other career paths, she found Ecotech when seeking an opportunity that would capitalize on her training and previous associate’s degree, and also build a bridge between her time in the military and her life as a civilian.

“As a single mom and 100 percent disabled vet, I didn’t know where to find my place in the civilian community and Ecotech met my needs in a variety of ways,” said Soto. “I knew my purpose in the Navy and felt lost after I left; I now feel a purpose again. I’m excited about putting my skills to work to better my own family and our environment.”

Ecotech Institute will have its first graduating class in June 2012. Ecotech Institute, which is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools, offers highly practical renewable energy degree programs that provide graduates with skills valued by today’s alternative cleantech employers.

Learn more about Ecotech Institute,  or call 877-326-5576.  The next round of classes begins in late June and applications are being accepted now. Financial assistance is available to those who qualify.

About Ecotech Institute

Ecotech Institute is the first and only college entirely focused on preparing America's workforce for careers in renewable energy and sustainability.  Launched in April 2010 in Denver, Colorado, the college offers five associate's degrees designed by experts in the industry for people seeking careers in the emerging cleantech economy. Ecotech Institute is a division of Education Corporation of America. For more information about Ecotech Institute, visit www.ecotechinstitute.com.

About Education Corporation of America

Education Corporation of America is a leader in the post-secondary career school market with current enrollment of almost 20,000 students.  The ECA website is www.ecacolleges.com.  In addition to Ecotech Institute, ECA schools include Virginia College, founded in 1983, a private institution of higher education that offers non-degree and associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in the areas of Health and Medical, Business, Information Technology, Interior Design, Computer Design, Culinary Arts, Cosmetology, Nursing and more in eighteen different cities.  Virginia College campuses are located in Birmingham, Huntsville, Mobile and Montgomery, Alabama; Jacksonville and Pensacola, Florida; Augusta, Columbus, Macon and Savannah, Georgia; Biloxi and Jackson, Mississippi; Charleston, Spartanburg, Columbia, and Greenville, South Carolina; Chattanooga and Knoxville, Tennessee; Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Richmond, Virginia; Tulsa, Oklahoma; and Austin, Texas. The Virginia College website is www.vc.edu.  Virginia College also offers classes worldwide via the Internet, with student services and admissions facilities in Birmingham, Alabama, and Tampa, Florida, and a Military Student Center also in Tampa.  Information about online classes at Virginia College is available at www.vconline.edu.  Additionally, ECA operates Culinard, the Culinary Institute of Virginia College, with locations in Birmingham and Mobile, Alabama; Richmond, Virginia; Savannah, Georgia; and Jacksonville, Florida.  The website is www.culinard.com.  ECA also operates Golf Academy of America, with locations in Phoenix, Arizona; San Diego, California; Dallas, Texas; Orlando, Florida; and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  


[ Historic Lodge in Pine Grove, Colorado Needs Your Help ]

Do more of what you love!  What do I love? I love living in Pine, hiking with my husband, spending time with my rescued dogs and horses. I love gardening and cooking for friends and family. I love community service and projects with a purpose…

We kept driving past the old Odd Fellows Lodge in Pine Grove and thinking… what if there was a coffee house right here!  After researching the building we discovered it was a historic lodge in need of restoration. We didn't want to lose this important part of our history, so we decided to make our vision a reality.

Built in 1907 as an Odd Fellows Lodge, this historic building once provided shelter and fellowship to people in an era when Pine Grove was flourishing.  With hard work, it can be that place again… where parents gather in the garden with their children, friends meet for lunch and visitors are welcomed to this fine mountain community.

We want The Lodge to be a coffee house with a conscience and everything we do will be in consideration of our community and the environment.  Whether we are recycling materials to restore The Lodge or donating coffee to local Fire Departments, our actions will reflect our mission. We want to have local musicians play at the lodge on the weekend, our walls will showcase the work of local artists and photographers and our general store area will have Made in Colorado products. As a landscape designer, I created a site plan that includes a native garden and seating area for visitors to relax and enjoy coffee, as well as ample parking.

We started a Kickstarter project to raise funds to help with the restoration of The Lodge. This link can be found on our website at www.lodgeatpinegrove.com or www.kickstarter.com, by searching “The Lodge at Pine Grove”. Our fundraising project runs through May 27th and every little bit helps. Kickstarter is all or nothing, so if we don not reach our funding goal all donations will be returned!  Without additional funding this building cannot be saved. When the restoration is complete and the garden next to the building is finished, this will be a wonderful gathering place for the community.

Please help us spread the word. You can also follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/TheLodgeAtPineGrove

Thank you in advance.

Heidi Nelson Brandariz
The Lodge at Pine Grove



[ Town Hall and Space Upgrades, CSA Sign up, Festival Meeting & Green Spaces ]

Hope you are having a great Monday!  Save the date for this Thursday at noon when we have our monthly Green Spaces Town Hall. We will be presenting the space upgrades on Thursday and we hope you can join us to learn about it and share any announcements you may have. 

Also, this week is the last week to sign up for the CSA share. 6 months of fresh organic veggies delivered weekly to Green Spaces and if you are single you can go in a family share with other Green Spacers ($200 for the whole season!)  Please let me know if you would like me to resend you the details.

Wednesday night at 5:30 we are having another festival get together at 5:30. Come and invite your friends! 

Next week we are beginning the revamp of the Green Spaces garden.  On Tuesday night after 4pm, we are going to begin building it and you all are invited to join.  It is going to be a showcase of a medicinal and food forest that will become a showcase in the Five Points neighborhood.  

Thank you!

Jennie Nevin, Founder Green Spaces
Green Spaces Colorado
1368 26th Street
Denver, CO 80205


[ A New Direction for Denver Green Streets ]

Denver Green Streets will shortly be transitioning to the Sustainable Business Network of the Rocky Mountains. This will be a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and will encompass many of the current features of Denver Green Streets including news, events, buyers guide, blogs, video and selected articles. Our target audience will expand beyond Colorado and cover the entire Rocky Mountain region. (New Mexico to Canada).

During the transition period, we will eliminate the monthly articles and Green Streets TV. The rest of the site, including bloggers, news, events and the buyers guide will remain the same. All businesses currently listed in the buyers guide will be automatically moved to the new site.

We have just received our 501(c)(3) non-profit approval from Colorado and still waiting on the IRS. We are also in the process of appointing a Board of Directors including a few faces that you will most certainly recognize.

We are very excited about this new direction and will be unveiling our new website shortly.

Please let me know if you have any questions and/or suggestions and I look forward to your continued support as we grow the sustainability movement across the Rockies.

Kurt Whitt
Founder & Publisher
Sustainable Business Network of the Rocky Mountains, Inc.