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[ Green Your Transportation ]


We all have our routines with how we go about our days, but have you given any thought to switching things up a bit?
Denver has the 16th longest commute time out of 52 metro areas, averaging almost 27 minutes each way. Considering most workers are alone during their commute, and commuting is known to have negative health effects (ie: high stress levels, poor sleep, higher chance of divorce) is there a better way to be spending this time? And, is there a way to be easier on the environment while doing this?
-Try public transportation. Buses and trains save about 6.9 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year. Even taking it once a week will save 20 pounds of CO2 a day. While you are riding, you can catch up on the latest novel or make new friends. Be creative and productive in how you spend that time.
-Carpool. Surely someone in your workplace lives nearby? It will save you and your colleagues’ time, and save wear and tear on your car.
-Keep your car maintained. Properly inflated tires can increase your gas mileage, and extend the life of your tires (keeping them out of landfills). Keeping the car well maintained can improve gas mileage between 4 and 40% too!
-Drive responsibly when you do drive. Sudden starts and stops burn gas and ruin your brakes. Stick to the speed limit, and accelerate and decelerate at a steady rate to be fuel efficient.
-Bike to work! Colorado celebrates Bike to Work Day on June 25th, 2014. Even if you are just biking part of your way to work, it can have the impact of taking over 25,000 cars off the road that day. Why do this? Not only can you avoid traffic delays, but it’ll save you money (gas and car maintenance), it will help you stay fit, and reduce your carbon footprint. And, what better way to blow off the stress of the day than by some exercise and fresh air? Don’t just bike on 6/25 tho, why not make it part of your regular routine?