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[ Save Our Monarchs…It’s Our 1Thing for April…. ]


The Monarch butterfly is endangered. Monarch population is down an alarming 80% since 1992. Like the bee, Monarchs are pollinators and are important to our survival. Much of the decline can be attributed to the Milkweed population, which is also down 80% since 1992, most likely due to the extensive use of herbicides and pesticides on agricultural crops. Milkweed is the only sustenance for the Monarch’s caterpillar. Our mantra is No Milkweed, No Monarchs….

SaveOurMonarchs.org is helping to rebuild the habitat for the Monarch. Find out what is transpiring in the Monarch Community at Facebook.com/SaveOurMonarchs. Learn more and to get free seeds (Asclepias Incarnate or Swamp Milkweed) to plant more milkweed at SaveOurMonarchs.org.