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A stable climate. Clean air. Fresh water. Abundant food. And the incalculable additional benefits the world’s biodiversity provides. Conservation International (CI) works to ensure a healthy and productive planet for us all.












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[ Court Decision Orders BLM to Reconsider Allowing Target Shooting in Sonoran Desert National Monument, Directs Agency to Revise its Management Plan to Better Protect Monument Resources and Visitor Safety ]

Michael Reinemer

Ruling two days after oral arguments closed, the Arizona District Court in Phoenix has ordered the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to re-examine its decision to allow target shooting throughout Sonoran Desert National Monument.


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[ It’s all about the trees…. ]


Can you imagine a world without trees? What about Colorado without trees? Crazy idea, right? Trees are essential to the planet and to our state. Trees do a lot more than just look nice and provide shade!
Trees remove pollution which improves air quality.
They reduce soil erosion.
One large tree can provide a day’s supply of oxygen to 4 people!
More than 20% of the world’s oxygen is produced in the Amazon Rainforest!
Many common day medicines are made from plants from forests and rainforests.…

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[ Sustainable Cities: Challenges and Opportunities in Jakarta ]

By Jon Heggie


JAKARTA, Indonesia–Some of Indonesia’s foremost thought leaders on sustainability, energy and environment convened in Jakarta for “Sustainable Cities: Challenges and Opportunities in Jakarta,” a roundtable discussion on how we plan, create and manage the sustainable city of the future from an energy perspective.

The experts were invited by National Geographic and Shell, partners in the Great Energy Challenge, which has been sponsoring gatherings around the world to consider big energy questions. Taking a global view but with a focus on Jakarta and Indonesia, the forum in February 2015 addressed overarching themes of energy demand and reducing carbon emissions, while considering the role of smart planning, including the transformation of infrastructure and transportation and the adoption of new systems and technologies.…

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[ Dangerous Inheritance ]

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[ Report: Millennials experiencing record heat, danger to public safety ]

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Farmers Markets in Colorado

Check out where you can get fresh produce from local growers!

Metro Denver Farmers Markets Six convenient locations throughout metro Denver. Colorado Farmers Markets A great resource if you are interested in being a vendor, or just looking for a place to purchase locally-grown produce. Mile High Marketplace Farmers Market A year-round farmers market at the Mile High Flea Market. Door-to-Door Organics Let the farmer’s market come to you. Quality, organic produce is delivered to your front door at a schedule that is convenient for you! See the page here!